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are a traditional Jazz Trio with:
Robert Veen    on soprano saxophone, clarinet
Tom Stuip       on banjo and guitar
Paul Habraken on sousaphone

Formed in 1993, their style of playing can best be described as

" H O T    C L A S S I C    J A Z Z "

The Aces can be seen and heard in jazz festivals, jazzclubs, theaters, at parties, and even funerals. In addition to compositions by early jazz giants such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Benny Carter, the Aces also play many original compositions.

The Aces have performed with many guest musicians, all in the forefront of contemporary classic jazz, such as: Mike Goetz (Switzerland), Bob Barnard and the late Tom Baker(†) (Australia), Dan Barret and Brooks Tegler (USA), Sean Moyses (Great Britain), Patrick Artero, Olivier Franc, Jean Baptiste Franc and Daniel Bechet (France), Eiji Hanaoka, Tatsuji Deguchi, Ken Aoki (Japan), Arend Huisman, Dick Sleeman(†), Louis Debij, Menno Daams, Bert Boeren, Wouter Nouwens, Harry Kanters and Joep Peeters (Holland).   More...
The Aces of syncopation have recorded four CD's. Mike Goetz, Arend Huisman and Dick Sleeman are guest solists on two of them.
The Aces are often on the road and have performed at international venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Since 1999 they have played many times at the annual Kobe Jazz Street festival in Japan. The music of this fascinating band has a unique drive and emotion, making their concerts an unforgettable experience.

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